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Apply with us to borrow up to $20,000 with a title loan that uses your vehicle as collateral for a loan. You won’t need excellent credit, and most loans will be funded within 24 hours. We offer an online application where you can get an instant funding decision in minutes. Find out how much you can borrow in Atlanta, and we only need your vehicle information and contact information. 

Get Cash For Your Car's Equity. Most Vehicles Can Qualify and you don't need good credit!

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You Can Also Use Our Directory Of Direct Lenders To Find A Top Title Loan Company In Atlanta. 

You can sign the title loan documents online or in person
Even when you get a title loan you can keep driving your vehicle for the entire financing term.

Why Apply for a title loan in Atlanta

Car Title Loans Today works with licensed lenders in Georgia that offer same day approval and funding. We won’t waste your time with a high interest quote. Apply with us and get matched with several local companies that all offer competitive rates and repayment terms.

Services We Provide:

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Apply with Car Title Loans Today to get cash for your car’s equity with a same day title loan in Atlanta. Instant approval title loans have specific terms designed to make them more desirable to borrowers who otherwise can’t qualify for a traditional loan. The benefits associated with these loans include:

High approval rate – even for applicants with poor credit or no history of making payments

Large loan amounts (as much as $15K) in Georgia

Short and flexible repayment terms

Online accounts are available for Atlanta residents

Look for a licensed title loan company in Atlanta, GA

Online title loans are available online and in person

Make The Best Decision When Choosing A Title Loan Company in Atlanta

Most title loan providers will allow you to get more than one quote for a title loan, which means you can shop around with local lenders. Car Title Loans Today can help you find a loan with a neighborhood company that offers in person funding. Or we can get you approved and funded with an online title loan provider. It’s entirely up to you!

What Is Required To Get

A Title Loan?

You need a vehicle with enough equity to use as collateral for a loan. That means any paid off vehicle can qualify and the car has to be titled in your name with no cosigners. Here’s a breakdown showing the main requirements for a title loan in Atlanta, Georgia.

Vehicle Equity Value
Proof Of Income
Bank Statements
Past Borrowing History

State Regulations

We break down the states where each company provides title loans. While there are strict regulations on title loans in Georgia, other states are more lenient regarding monthly payments and rates.

Lender Rates

The interest rates on a title loan in Atlanta often depend on your car’s value and how long you choose to repay the loan. Work with Car Title Loans Today to find a lender offering an APR of 40% or less!

Title Loan Company Reviews

Are you looking for a company that has good reviews? If not you should be! Only work with an experienced lender working with customers in your neighborhood. The best companies will have multiple reviews from satisfied customers.

Car Title Loans Today - Compare top title loan companies

Use our comparison of title loan companies to find the best lender in Atlanta. In just a few minutes, you can compare different rates, terms, and quotes for many of the top title loan companies offering loans in Georgia.

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