Car Title Loans in Houston, Texas

If you need cash and have a paid off vehicle, then title loans in Houston are worth looking into. All you really need is proof of ownership that shows you’re the owner of the vehicle. So if your car loan is already paid off, perfect! Title loans in Houston give cash to those who own their cars but just can’t seem to scrape up enough money to get out of the red.


What’s Required To Get A Title Loan in Houston Texas

There are a few quick steps involved with getting a title loan in Houston TX. If you want real money for your title vehicle, all you’ll need to do is follow these three easy steps when you apply with the best title loan companies:Hold out for the best finance terms in Southeast Texas

1) Verify that your car is paid off completely; no outstanding payments or long-term payments that could prevent you from redeeming this offer.

2) Gather the necessary documents that are required for any standard title loan. These include a current copy of your pink slip that shows your the owner. You also need to provide evidence that shows you have active car insurance as well as information to confirm your identity.

3) Go to our website to get started on your application. The application for title loans in Houston can be quick and we make it simple to fill out the application and get started with underwriting. All of this can be started and completed within 1 hour or less.


What Happens After I Apply For A Title Loan In Houston, Texas

After applying, you will get a response back that includes the amount of money that you may be eligible for. The full amount you can borrow will depend on the vehicle value and the current condition of the car. Amounts vary based on resale value but will be anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 for residents in Harris County. You can then take that amount to any location where you are able to receive money in cash.

When receiving your title loan in Houston make certain to bring all the necessary documents with you. This makes it easier on our staff and allows us to provide your funds more quickly.


Can I Get A Title Loan In Houston If I Have Bad Credit

Bad credit doesn’t mean you will be denied a title loan in Texas. This is a case where you have to put up your vehicle as collateral so the lender can know that they will get their money back. This allows for a lot more flexibility and options for borrowers who might not qualify otherwise. And, our title loans in Houston are available even if you cannot get credit elsewhere.

One of the main aspects of getting approved is going to be whether or not your car is worth enough for us to approve a car title loan with no credit check. As long as it has adequate value we may be able to provide you with funds without any problem at all. In order to receive approval from our staff simply complete this online application and we won’t worry about your bad credit. Then make certain to bring all necessary documentation with you when coming into one of our many locations throughout Harris County, Texas.


Best Texas Title Loans in Houston

The best lenders are widely known and will offer the best support with customer service and expertise when it comes to knowing the lending regulations in Texas. You don’t need a credit score of 700 or more to receive the funds from your title loans in Houston when you apply with Car Title Loans Today. Once approved our staff will be glad to give you cash on the spot, and there’s no waiting around for days on end while they check your background. We know that everybody is unique, but unfortunately, bad credit situations happen and we aren’t concerned with how anyone got themselves into this situation.

If you are interested in getting an auto title loan in Houston because you’ve received notice of repossession, simply complete the online application to find out if our title loan service can help you get back on track with monthly payments. We also offer a refinance option where you can get new terms and payoff amounts from a previous high APR loan.


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